Naples and Pompeii Day Tour


- Includes: Transport, Guided tour performed by professional local guides, Entrance tickets and Lunch

- Day trip to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii from Rome with an expert guide

- Get a panoramic view of Naples city

- Visit the incredible archaeological site of Pompeii

- Explore the National Archeological Museum of Pompeii in place of Mount Vesuvius 

Pompeii day tour

Visit one of the most important archaeological sites of the world

Naples and Pompeii Day Tour


Our unique Naples and Pompeii Tour gives you the opportunity to visit one of the most important archaeological sites of the world: Pompeii.

After a panoramic overview of  the most important sights of Naples, admiring the Royal Palace, Castel dell’Ovo, Piazza del Plebiscito and more, you will reach the haunting ruins of Pompeii will take you back to the fateful day in 79 a.d. as the neighbouring mt. Vesuvius erupted, covering the prosperous roman city in deadly volcanic ash.

You’ll spend a day surrounded by nature and culture. You will explore its streets and squares, public buildings (temples, spas, theaters and the amphitheater), storefronts, houses, pizza parlors, and other artifacts from Pompeii’s heyday.

 Price 122€ per Adult - 98€ per child (3-7 years old) 

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